Café coffee day mysore

Hello everybody!
Well , quite recently a new café opened on the double road in mysore . And of course I just had to try it .
Again while I was out with work I had to do an little thinking in what to do next . So what better place than a cafe ? I mean a lot can happen over a coffee .
( see what I did there ? ) 😉





I just have to say , I’m impressed .
Usually café coffee day in other places don’t do a very good job (around mysore ) . But this is very different.

Food and drink – 5 .
Yes . Can you believe it ? It was so good . I got myself a hot gourmet cocoa and oh my god ! I’m going to be ordering that all the time .

Ambience -5
The perfect interiors and furniture are just the cherry in top . The lighting , the ventilation , everything is just perfect .

Service – 4.5
They were a little late in serving bit not too late . I received my order after about waiting for quite sometime .

Affordability – 4
It is the standard café coffee day price .
At times they are not worth it . But this , hands down is worth all my money .

I wouldn’t know what else to say but that I enjoyed myself thoroughly . It’s calm and the music is low,  so you don’t tear apart your ear drums .
            Hope you enjoyed the post
                   Till next time 🙂

Chaaii junction for a sip

Hello everybody!
It is another review of a cafe .
Around This time of the year , I tend to go to cafés a lot somehow . Basically because I’m running  around attending coaching classes and looking for the best colleges . And that means I get hungry and thirsty a lot .

It’s hard to find a good café with affordable items on the menu .






Placed in the hub of vontikoppal , Mysore it is a little after vidyashram.

It is a kind of place which will definitely not let your wallet feeling light and airy . In fact , it could as well leave you feeling satisfied and your thirst  quenched .
I would rate the following as so –

Food and drink – 4
I wouldn’t say it is extremely mouth watering or delicious , but it does have a very good taste .

Ambience – 3.5
One part of the cafe is lit well with natural light and is perfect . The tables , the couches are of very fine quality and are comfy . But the green lighting on the other side isn’t very pleasing .

Service – 5
It is self service but the reason I gave it 5 was because, they were very quick in filling up on orders.

Affordability – 5
It is indeed very affordable . I ended up spending only 150 rupees from the three of us .

And there you have it . I’d say it’s a pretty cool place to chill out and quench your thirst and have a bit of a snack .

        Hope you enjoyed the post .
                   Till  next time .

Bringing up the lost roots

Hello everybody!
This will be a slightly different post to what I usually put up. Today I will be reviewing a restaurant.

But what makes this post special is that , this restaurant is not just any other, typical restaurant.  It is what we fail to get these days . It takes a lot of courage to do something like this when youngsters run behind fast foods .

I’m talking about madhva bhavan .





Placed around an area of hustle and bustle in the royal city of mysore , madhva bhavan serves you the most healthy , hygienic and homely prepared food .
They are bringing back a lost treasure to the surface . Eating out of plantain leaf has its own pleasure . But apart from that not many know the health benefits and other properties that come from eating out of the leaf .

Down to the food , I’m going to rate it below –
Food – *****
The taste of the food will leave you surprised. It’s not too spicy or too plain . The right amount of sweet and savoury food varieties combine to give your taste buds a satisfaction never felt before .
Plus it is healthy ,unlike other restaurants they do not include  unhealthy ingredients to gain profits . You could pass it for being organic  .
Ambience – ****
I would give ambience a 4 on 5 only because many people will probably  find it quite different . To us , it’s a nostalgia . There is still room for improvement but this does not affect the taste or the service .

Service -*****
If I could , I’d rate it higher . The service was excellent and generous . Trained or not , I’d say they have an air of motto around them which is to make the customers feel at home .

Affordability and cost – *****
My word ! I was expecting our bill to turn up above a thousand bucks and when I did take a look I was speechless . It costs only between 100 to 150 rupees per meal ! At times where a salad costs you more than a burger , you get a complete balanced diet for prices as low as that . If that isn’t a happier time for your wallet , I wouldn’t know what else to say .

Overall I would rate the restaurant 4.5 on 5 .
I’m amazed and I’m sure I’ll keep going back .
Do visit the hotel anytime you are in mysore . I will leave the link to their Facebook page below

You will find their address and other customer reviews on their page .
I hope you enjoyed this post and was a help of some sort .

                      Till next time .

How to be a girly girl

Hello everybody!
First of all , this post has nothing to do with me judging people or other girls for being the way they are .
I was a tomboy till a couple of years ago and now I’m one of the most girly girl .
Often my friends and relatives are surprised as to how I turned over a new leaf and many come up to me asking how I did it or what happened and things like that .

First of all being tomboy isn’t something to be ashamed of and most importantly it is not a defect . You are who you are  so appreciate it . But if you genuinely want to be girly and experience that side of life then I appreciate it .

The first step to being girly is definitely not makeup . It’s just how you present yourself .
The same old clothes that you have can work perfectly fine .
You can use that oversized t-shirt and pass for being girly if you use the right accessories .
But if you want to have a new wardrobe /look then start deciding what kind of theme or colour palette you want it to be .







You could go for a cooler or brighter palette or just get things that appeal to you and work it just fine.
Invest in accesories . They transform any piece of clothing from being gah to gorgeous .

The first step all done the next thing is to behave girly . Not snobby or mean or foolish . Just have the right etiquette . Things that you might need to follow whilst wearing skits and dresses. 
It’s very simple –
♡Be gentle
♡Cross your legs when you sit
♡Have neatly manicured hands and pedicured feet.
♡see that you do not look dishevelled
♡watch your language

These are very basic .

The next is to take care of your skin and not just your face .
Give importance to skin care and try to detox often .

An important step is to feel inspired and know what you are doing .




Putting up things that inspire you around you in your bedroom or any place that you are sure to spend most of your time at , can help a great deal .
It instantly makes you feel a lot happier and inspired and then again you’ll never run out of ideas or give up of boredom .

Try these tips and let me know if they worked . I shall include more tips on being girly if you like this and is worthwhile .

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                         Love y’all
                      Till next time

Biotique hydrating cleanser


Hello everybody!
I’m back with a new post . This time about the biotique botanicals hydrating cleanser   .

Now if you don’t know what a cleanser does , it’s in the name . It cleanses yiur skin and pores thoroughly of all dirt and gunk .
You could use it to remove makeup or before washing yiur face when you’ve been out and about .
I use this once I’m back from school because let’s face it . Chemicals in the lab , the chalk dust and all the other gunk aren’t the best for your skin .

I know what you are thinking right now (if you’re new to all this )” why not just wash you face ? “. You could do that but the dust can sometimes seep into pores and cause breakouts , spots etc etc . In short bad skin . Cleanser in the other hand can even take care of that tan .

Now talking about the actual product I did not just buy it start writing a post . I’ve been through multiple cleansers from nivea,  oriflame and some other brands both from high street and drugstore . But somehow this cleanser is a lot more effective .


I have the bio berberry cleanser . There are other scents and extracts you can choose from . This is the first thing that I love about biotique ..its very natural and yet you have options to chose from .
The other options are
Bio papaya .
Bio seaweed.
Bio morning nectar .
Bio dandelion .

I chose berberry because it has more healing actions than the rest .
For example morning nectar is more moisturising , dandelion is a skin vitalizer.
This cleanser however is also blended with red sandalwood , fenugreek and almond oil to dissolve makeup and grime .
It does leave the skin soft and feeling fresh .

I have more sensitive skin and it can get affected too soon and has quick reactions to almost everything .But I find this cleanser extremely good .
It manages to take all gunk off my face and it feels super fresh yet equally hydrated like I don’t even have to wash or moisturise . But I do it anyway . .

It’s easy to use . Just squeeze a bit of cleanser onto a cotton pad or a washcloth and wipe over face and neck very gently .

Ever since I’ve started to use this which was I guess a few week ago , I’ve had zero breakouts , my spots are fading away and my skin does not feel as dry as it used to be . Somehow the other face masks that I use work better after I use this cleanser   .
So a big yes to the product . Try it out and let me know what you think or you can comment your favorite and tell why so .

                      Till next time .

How to feel better when sick

Hello everybody!
Well I am down with cold and fever and yet am attending exams and yes I feel the need to sleep but I get on quite well .

So I thought why not share  with the world some easy tips to feel better when sick (apart from medication ) .

First of all , stay clean .
As much as the thought  of shower sends goosebumps all over , believe me . Nothing will soothe you like a hot shower . You could also make a bath if you like or have a steaming hot little tub of water with eucalyptus oil or karvol plus in the shower and this is sure to soothe your sinus and clear the respiratory track .


Next important tip is to stay moisturised .
When you are sick , your skin feels dry , and sore and chapped lips are such a torture . It only takes 3 minutes . Have a moisturiser or a cold cream for skin and a petroleum jelly for your lips at your side at all times . You could also use tiny amount of oil or bio oil if you like .

Stay hydrated . I know drinking water is a big chore (it’s not ) . Have a nice bottle of sparkling water and drink it from time to time .
If you can get yourself to drink coconut water that’s way better . Coconut water is god made . You don’t actually need other electrolytes or energy drinks when you have coconut water at hand .

Some people buy packaged ones but it is better if you can get your hands on fresh coconuts .

Avoid dairy products. 

Try and eat light and soft food rather than binging .

The next thing is to make your room clean and cozy


When you are sick , you and everything  around you becomes dirty . You don’t want the goo and tissues all around you . Wear nice and soft pjs,  clean the room and your bed yourself or get some help but keep it clean . Light some candles , you could turn on dim lights or fairy lights . But that’s up to you . Everyone has their own definition of cozy .

Snuggle up in bed with some herbal tea and enjoy . Being sick is fun 😉 . (No it’s not ) .

Don’t stare at the screen for long . That is definitely not a distraction . Get some good amount of rest . Sleep .
    If you have trouble sleeping you could listen to asmr or classical or instrumental . Or just shut your eyes and go to bed .

           Hope this helps you out .
                         Till later .

Sprinkle of glitter diary 2016




Hello everybody!
I’m back with another post . This is more of a review cum my views in the new diary Louise pentland has come up with .
So let’s go through it step by step .
First of all it is a diary but you can as well customize it to be yiur planner or organiser or a simple diary . Using it as a personal diary can be a bit of a task because of the limited space to write in but it serves great as a daily planner .

There are a few interactive pages and need I speak about the quality ? Whenever you buy stationary one of the mist important things is the quality of the paper .
This diary has the best pages and it’s smooth and even which is very important as well .
The page where you fill in personal information is the most unique and different from other diaries I’ve used so far and that makes me love this diary more 🙂 .

Then again let’s be honest . We all judge books by their covers and Louise has done a wonderful job on the cover . It’s not too loud or too plain .
It’s subtle yet very girly and if you intend on putting it on a shelf or your bedside it is sure to add a touch and give a look .
How would you say it ? Very tumblry 😉
I will do an updated review because I have only filled in over a month and I have found it very handy .
This diary /planner of course is very handy and light . Yu can put it in your backpack or a handbag of standard size and it still wouldn’t take up much space .
If yu were to place sheets inside I’m very sure it wouldn’t fall off and get lost in black holes because of the pink elastic closure which keeps them safe .

This is my review so far . If you like it , share . And comment down below what you think of it . Toodles