How To Write A Novel

Now first things first . A novel is not something you will come up with overnight or finish it over a month .

Novel is not just a story but a journey for the author and many many readers .

So make that journey worthwhile .

Some tips on finishing or starting your novel –

  1.  Do not rush it . It might take as long as it could . 

My very first novel took me about 2 years to complete . The ideas don’t form all at once . Even when you have it figured it out ..Most of the times you don’t . You might want to change something later .

2. Keep your writing simple . 

You might want to use fancy vocabulary but for a book or a story to sell and be perceived well , people need to understand it . Don’t complicate things for your audience .
3. Don’t stray from the story .

It might be tempting to add multiple stories of multiple characters just to make your book look fat . But it’s not appreciated unless it’s a huge part of your story .

4. Carry a journal .

You never know when the idea is going to hit you . Maybe something in real life inspired you or you saw something you think can be a part of your story . It’s easy to forget things so jot them down .

5. Take a break .

Don’t be too engrossed in your story could end up having a writer’s block .
6. Contrary to the last tip make sure you don’t take too long a break .you will miss out on the continuation . Keep it a steady process .
For more tips comment down in the section below . Share it if you like it and let me know if this helped .



Architecture is a passion (not a compromise )

Hello everybody!
I’m finally back . I know it’s been an aeon since I blogged anything ..It was because of my exams .
Now that I’m back …its time you knew now is the time where I get to decide my future / career .
I chose architecture .

Now the first thing people asked me was
“Is there any scope for this profession ?” Followed by a piece of advice ” take up computer science if you like engineering that much ”

Okay first of all …no.
I don’t like engineering .
Second , there’s always a scope for passion and excellence in any profession .
Third , know better.

Stupid question start from you joining NATA classes .
“You took PCMB right ? Gave up on medicine already?”
I admit I thought I wanted life in my job and hence wanted to be a doc . But after my internship at a hospital I knew I didn’t want to be a doctor .

“Are you scared you won’t get into engineering ?”
NO!!!! No no no.
Just no.
I am not scared . I am taking up architecture out of pure passion for it .

“Is it like embroidery work?”
Where did that idea even pop into your head ? I aspire to be an architect !!! BUILDINGS PEOPLE!!

There are a lot more of these stupid questions .
Comment down below what people asked you and let me know if you want to read more of those .

Biotique hydrating cleanser


Hello everybody!
I’m back with a new post . This time about the biotique botanicals hydrating cleanser   .

Now if you don’t know what a cleanser does , it’s in the name . It cleanses yiur skin and pores thoroughly of all dirt and gunk .
You could use it to remove makeup or before washing yiur face when you’ve been out and about .
I use this once I’m back from school because let’s face it . Chemicals in the lab , the chalk dust and all the other gunk aren’t the best for your skin .

I know what you are thinking right now (if you’re new to all this )” why not just wash you face ? “. You could do that but the dust can sometimes seep into pores and cause breakouts , spots etc etc . In short bad skin . Cleanser in the other hand can even take care of that tan .

Now talking about the actual product I did not just buy it start writing a post . I’ve been through multiple cleansers from nivea,  oriflame and some other brands both from high street and drugstore . But somehow this cleanser is a lot more effective .


I have the bio berberry cleanser . There are other scents and extracts you can choose from . This is the first thing that I love about biotique ..its very natural and yet you have options to chose from .
The other options are
Bio papaya .
Bio seaweed.
Bio morning nectar .
Bio dandelion .

I chose berberry because it has more healing actions than the rest .
For example morning nectar is more moisturising , dandelion is a skin vitalizer.
This cleanser however is also blended with red sandalwood , fenugreek and almond oil to dissolve makeup and grime .
It does leave the skin soft and feeling fresh .

I have more sensitive skin and it can get affected too soon and has quick reactions to almost everything .But I find this cleanser extremely good .
It manages to take all gunk off my face and it feels super fresh yet equally hydrated like I don’t even have to wash or moisturise . But I do it anyway . .

It’s easy to use . Just squeeze a bit of cleanser onto a cotton pad or a washcloth and wipe over face and neck very gently .

Ever since I’ve started to use this which was I guess a few week ago , I’ve had zero breakouts , my spots are fading away and my skin does not feel as dry as it used to be . Somehow the other face masks that I use work better after I use this cleanser   .
So a big yes to the product . Try it out and let me know what you think or you can comment your favorite and tell why so .

                      Till next time .

How to feel better when sick

Hello everybody!
Well I am down with cold and fever and yet am attending exams and yes I feel the need to sleep but I get on quite well .

So I thought why not share  with the world some easy tips to feel better when sick (apart from medication ) .

First of all , stay clean .
As much as the thought  of shower sends goosebumps all over , believe me . Nothing will soothe you like a hot shower . You could also make a bath if you like or have a steaming hot little tub of water with eucalyptus oil or karvol plus in the shower and this is sure to soothe your sinus and clear the respiratory track .


Next important tip is to stay moisturised .
When you are sick , your skin feels dry , and sore and chapped lips are such a torture . It only takes 3 minutes . Have a moisturiser or a cold cream for skin and a petroleum jelly for your lips at your side at all times . You could also use tiny amount of oil or bio oil if you like .

Stay hydrated . I know drinking water is a big chore (it’s not ) . Have a nice bottle of sparkling water and drink it from time to time .
If you can get yourself to drink coconut water that’s way better . Coconut water is god made . You don’t actually need other electrolytes or energy drinks when you have coconut water at hand .

Some people buy packaged ones but it is better if you can get your hands on fresh coconuts .

Avoid dairy products. 

Try and eat light and soft food rather than binging .

The next thing is to make your room clean and cozy


When you are sick , you and everything  around you becomes dirty . You don’t want the goo and tissues all around you . Wear nice and soft pjs,  clean the room and your bed yourself or get some help but keep it clean . Light some candles , you could turn on dim lights or fairy lights . But that’s up to you . Everyone has their own definition of cozy .

Snuggle up in bed with some herbal tea and enjoy . Being sick is fun 😉 . (No it’s not ) .

Don’t stare at the screen for long . That is definitely not a distraction . Get some good amount of rest . Sleep .
    If you have trouble sleeping you could listen to asmr or classical or instrumental . Or just shut your eyes and go to bed .

           Hope this helps you out .
                         Till later .

Sprinkle of glitter diary 2016




Hello everybody!
I’m back with another post . This is more of a review cum my views in the new diary Louise pentland has come up with .
So let’s go through it step by step .
First of all it is a diary but you can as well customize it to be yiur planner or organiser or a simple diary . Using it as a personal diary can be a bit of a task because of the limited space to write in but it serves great as a daily planner .

There are a few interactive pages and need I speak about the quality ? Whenever you buy stationary one of the mist important things is the quality of the paper .
This diary has the best pages and it’s smooth and even which is very important as well .
The page where you fill in personal information is the most unique and different from other diaries I’ve used so far and that makes me love this diary more 🙂 .

Then again let’s be honest . We all judge books by their covers and Louise has done a wonderful job on the cover . It’s not too loud or too plain .
It’s subtle yet very girly and if you intend on putting it on a shelf or your bedside it is sure to add a touch and give a look .
How would you say it ? Very tumblry 😉
I will do an updated review because I have only filled in over a month and I have found it very handy .
This diary /planner of course is very handy and light . Yu can put it in your backpack or a handbag of standard size and it still wouldn’t take up much space .
If yu were to place sheets inside I’m very sure it wouldn’t fall off and get lost in black holes because of the pink elastic closure which keeps them safe .

This is my review so far . If you like it , share . And comment down below what you think of it . Toodles

Get Rid Of Acne Overnight

Hello everybody!

Pimples and acne are the most annoying thing ever. They also mean you have to spend ages in the morning doing make-up only to hide those hideous scars and spots.

So let me make life easier for you by listing out some tried and effective methods to get rid of them overnight.

  • Toothpaste

As surprising as it may sound , your regular toothpaste (not gel) can help shrink the size of pimples and zits overnight.

  • Ice

Yes. Just reach out to the refrigerator for once  not to eat but to get beautiful skin. Holding ice over the pimple reduces its size right then . It might take good 5-10 minutes of patience . But worth it.

  • Turmeric

download-20.jpg.jpeg  Make a paste of turmeric and place it over spots or affected areas. You can use either milk or water to make the paste.

  • Nutmeg and sandalwood


Make a paste of nutmeg and sandalwood with rose water or plain water and apply over affected areas. You can use either of them by themselves but nutmeg causes slight irritation and so to beat that I’d suggest sandalwood be mixed.

  • Banana rama

This is a mixture of mashed bananas , milk and papaya . This helps clear your skin on regular use

  • Honey mask

Apply honey all over your face and let it sit for good 10-15 minutes before rinsing that off.

  • Aspirin

Crush aspirin and make into paste. Again apply it like little spots over pimples and leave it for as long as you feel comfortable.

  • A paste of basil leaves and neem

It is self explanatory you could mix them with a mud mask or apply them by themselves. You can even buy them off shelves.


I hope this helps you and let me know of the tricks you use to get rid of pimples down in the comments.

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Pamper evening essentials

Hello everybody!
I love myself . I believe god has given us life and this body as a gift and a blessing we need to take care of it.
And sometimes life decides to take a turn and test us out of our limits when we forget entirely about our bodies and mind.
This is the time when you need to take time off and this is the time to give yourself a pamper evening .

I’m guessing that most of you will know what a pamper evening  is , if not you will after reading this post

The first thing is to run a bath . Or a hot shower perhaps if you are not a bath person .


There are many ingredients you can add for example – Epson salt , bath bomb , petals , fragrance or bubbles .
Or you could opt for a plain hot bath .

The next thing to do is light some candles . Now it is a feast to your eyes but the best part is the aroma therapy which relaxes your mind and is equal to meditation .


Some necessities you need to take care of before you get into the bath is to be prepped for your whole evening
First and foremost is a clean face .
Steam from the bath open up your pores and you definitely don’t want all that oil and dirt to seep deeper into your pores .
My personal favourite is the ‘Orange cleansing syrup ‘ from vedic line of products I bought from

It smells amazing and obviously of oranges and has a citrusy smell . It has antibacterial agents , removes sweat and any kind of gunk off of the face .
Next is to stay hydrated and not starve yourself . Keep handy a bottle or a glass of water and a healthy snack like almonds or fruits . But you will notice most of the time I have either a milk or dark chocolate on the side of my bath .
I also love to read or listen to calming music while in my bath so grab that if you wish .

Some people like to have a face mask in while in the bath and some after the bath . It completely depends on how I feel and that moment for me really .
I use different masks depending on the condition of my skin . But the one I recently came across which helps rejuvenate my skin , makes it bright and my skin glows . It is the ‘ Detox mud mask ‘ from dirty works with blueberry extracts and willow bark extract . The only glitch I find is the smell . It smells of dry flowers . That is the best I could explain a scent . I’m not a very big fan of floral smells though I don’t mind some floral specialities . My mom loved the smell and so did some of my friends , but somehow it seems to offend me . Nevertheless it is still a great mask and I love it .

The next step is to care for your lips and your hair   .
For lips I use biotique botanicals -bio lip sunflower lip balm . It smells wonderful and leaves your lips super hydrated and super pink looking as healthy like it’s never been before .
I usually let my hair soak in oil I prepare by mixing two or more which works wonders ..or if I’m too tired to do that, I opt for dove elixir .

Moving on to the “in-bath” tradition
I usually soak for good 10 to 15 minutes then it’s time to cleanse the body .
I use biotique botanicals -bio orange peel revitalising body soap or bathing bar .

You will notice that I am a huge fan of both biotique products and citrus .
Anyway smells amazing and does a wonderful job on leaving your skin fresh and I have noticed it effectively removes any scars or sunburnt patches .
Then it’s scrub time


Again my favourite body scrubs of all time is -The dirty works ‘buff your stuff body scrub ‘ with pumice and shea that gently refines and smoothen skin . It also constitutes softening sweet almond oil . Again smells just like the hand cream from the same range . It’s a quite sweet smell but not as strong.
Then it’s soak for a bit more .
I tend to wash my hair after and over the bath in the shower . I use many shampoos and at the time I’m using
L’Oréal paris shampoo , conditioner , spa treatment hair mask and then after its towel dried I use a serum from the same range . Then I blow dry my hair and it’s all set .
Since I have scrubbed and buffed it is important to moisturise your body . Again I use dirty works body butter with shea butter and it is of a liquid consistency .So any time you buy that.. better be careful.

Major mistake everyone do is that they forget their hands and feet belong to them as well .
I like to keep my nails cut neatly and nd in shape . Sometimes I use a nail food or a nail colour . Most of the times I key it go bare . Nevertheless I use hand cream from dirty works which has cocoa butter in it.

For my feet I will have buffed it with pumice Stone over the bath and once I’m out ,I use a good foot cream .
That is my pamper evening complete and then I usually just head to bed .

Hope you enjoyed it . Let me know how you do it down in the comments and don’t forget to share .