Easy ways to give your room a new look

Hello everybody!

We all spend a great deal of time in our rooms. If not, it should be perfect for our down time and pamper evenings.

But we have all at least once in our life have wanted to give it a new look. How come all those rooms look so pretty on instagram and tumblr?

Well here are some easy hacks to make your room look tumblr ready.

  • Fairy-lights

Its pretty cliché idea. But it works wonders.

There are some pretty cool fairy light you could buy from stores, I usually buy them on-line from either Amazon or snapdeal. I once came across beautiful snowflake fairy lights in ‘fabindia’ once not very long ago.

You could put them up on your wall, inside your wardrobe , chunk them loose on side tables or behind your bed. Get creative with it.

  • Candles

You needn’t burn all the candles down. But they add a cosy touch to your room nevertheless. Light a few here and there or by your bed while you are spending time in your room. It is a great aroma therapy as well.

  • Pouffes

You could as well have massive bean-bags but pouffes or cushions add an extra touch. You could use them by your dressing table or just place them in a corner.

  • posters and art

You needn’t buy them . If you have a few magazines around or calenders you could cut out what inspires you and put them up on the inside of your closet or on that plain wall by your bed.

  • Scarf art

Put all those old and unwanted scarves to use. Hang them up on a wall by themselves and they pose as beautiful and rich artwork

  • Inspiration boards

It works the same as cutting out pieces from magazines or newspapers and all you need is an empty frame. Place them the way you like , stick ’em up together and you are good to go.

  • Post-it quotes

Sticky notes have taken up a major part in all our lives. Why not put them up on the side of your table and write quotes or important stuff that you will need to look up on  a daily basis? You can go crazy and creative on how you stick them up. Make a pattern or a plain square or grids.

  • Books

Some books ad diaries have fancy covers . Why not place them on open shelves or somewhere that can make your room look pretty? You can do the same with greeting cards and envelopes.

  • Pillows , soft-toys and plushes

All those emoticon pillows and cushions can add an extra bling to your bed. And so do those cute minions and animal plushes. So get them out people!

If you want to know how to turn ‘stuff around your house that you no longer use ‘ into rich looking décor, comment down below and share.