Tea time thoughts 

Hello everybody !

There are many views and articles out there about demonetisation . Each one has a different story to tell . And ones without views often get confused or do not understand what actually has been going on .

Any step be it big or small invokes and seeks lots of attention and there are always movements in corroboration and those  that are contradictory . 

Parallel to that it always is a trend for different blogs and pages across the internet to come up with memes . Do we ever think about what the minority have to say ? 

How many blogs out there speak the actual  truth ? Show the reality and the true face of what people across the nation have to say ? 
Here is one video from one of the fastest growing channels -sandheel samaradhne . It is a kannada channel and though it often uploads light hearted content , here is a video for you today ..something for everyone to reflect on   .

Nothing over the top , precise and to the point , the video speaks and justifies the measure taken . The video shares two tales just like every penny has two sides to it .

Language will not be a problem since there are subtitles . And I shall hear no arguments saying that subtitles do not feel the same as the authentic dialogue . This video is worth a million views and worth your time .

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21st century


Any time a person needs motivation or comes up with a belief/idea , the only thing he/she gets to hear is -“come on ! You’re in 21st century! ”

So how has this affected our principles , virtues and spiritual belief ?
Many people decide not to speak out loud only because of the fear of getting shunned by the idea of this so called modern and advanced 21st century.

It so happened,  that one of my acquaintances once asked me about the beads I constantly wore around my neck . On explaining to them about its spiritual and medical significance , all they said was – “you believe in all that ? Come on ! You’re a 21st century girl !”

So what ? If being modern means I have to give up my beliefs , spirituality , practices and peace of mind , I’d rather be conservative .

We expect the youth of 21st century to be broad minded .
Broad mindedness does not mean to forget or make fun of our roots , or other’s beliefs  . It is in fact quite the opposite .
Your attire does not make you modern .
You become modern by your thoughts and how you accept other’s thoughts .

Broad mindedness is when you accept that each person is a slave to their own belief and if not completely , at least try to respect that .
No one can force upon the other , a general idea . Not even parents .
You will understand these words if you have ever come across Kahlil Gibran’s poem “On children ” .

For example , my acquaintance believed , or I should rather say did not have the same beliefs as me and neither do many others like me nor me like them .
I cannot force them to think like me or share similar thoughts .

How is it completely okay to differentiate and discriminate people on the basis of caste , creed , religion , race and still call ourselves the modern youth of 21st century ?
And for heavens sake do not say that you haven’t discriminated at all .We all have . So have I .
Often we tend to identify or refer to a certain family or friend by their religion .
Why not identify them by their name , residence or a mutual friend ? Even occupation would do .
But we still tend to have stereotypes .

The beads and my acquaintance was only an example .

People are becoming more judgemental everyday .
Are we modern yet ? Are we fit to be in
The 21st century ”  ?