Tea time thoughts 

Hello everybody !

There are many views and articles out there about demonetisation . Each one has a different story to tell . And ones without views often get confused or do not understand what actually has been going on .

Any step be it big or small invokes and seeks lots of attention and there are always movements in corroboration and those  that are contradictory . 

Parallel to that it always is a trend for different blogs and pages across the internet to come up with memes . Do we ever think about what the minority have to say ? 

How many blogs out there speak the actual  truth ? Show the reality and the true face of what people across the nation have to say ? 
Here is one video from one of the fastest growing channels -sandheel samaradhne . It is a kannada channel and though it often uploads light hearted content , here is a video for you today ..something for everyone to reflect on   .

Nothing over the top , precise and to the point , the video speaks and justifies the measure taken . The video shares two tales just like every penny has two sides to it .

Language will not be a problem since there are subtitles . And I shall hear no arguments saying that subtitles do not feel the same as the authentic dialogue . This video is worth a million views and worth your time .

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Till next time