How To Write A Novel

Now first things first . A novel is not something you will come up with overnight or finish it over a month .

Novel is not just a story but a journey for the author and many many readers .

So make that journey worthwhile .

Some tips on finishing or starting your novel –

  1.  Do not rush it . It might take as long as it could . 

My very first novel took me about 2 years to complete . The ideas don’t form all at once . Even when you have it figured it out ..Most of the times you don’t . You might want to change something later .

2. Keep your writing simple . 

You might want to use fancy vocabulary but for a book or a story to sell and be perceived well , people need to understand it . Don’t complicate things for your audience .
3. Don’t stray from the story .

It might be tempting to add multiple stories of multiple characters just to make your book look fat . But it’s not appreciated unless it’s a huge part of your story .

4. Carry a journal .

You never know when the idea is going to hit you . Maybe something in real life inspired you or you saw something you think can be a part of your story . It’s easy to forget things so jot them down .

5. Take a break .

Don’t be too engrossed in your story could end up having a writer’s block .
6. Contrary to the last tip make sure you don’t take too long a break .you will miss out on the continuation . Keep it a steady process .
For more tips comment down in the section below . Share it if you like it and let me know if this helped .




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