Architecture is a passion (not a compromise )

Hello everybody!
I’m finally back . I know it’s been an aeon since I blogged anything ..It was because of my exams .
Now that I’m back …its time you knew now is the time where I get to decide my future / career .
I chose architecture .

Now the first thing people asked me was
“Is there any scope for this profession ?” Followed by a piece of advice ” take up computer science if you like engineering that much ”

Okay first of all …no.
I don’t like engineering .
Second , there’s always a scope for passion and excellence in any profession .
Third , know better.

Stupid question start from you joining NATA classes .
“You took PCMB right ? Gave up on medicine already?”
I admit I thought I wanted life in my job and hence wanted to be a doc . But after my internship at a hospital I knew I didn’t want to be a doctor .

“Are you scared you won’t get into engineering ?”
NO!!!! No no no.
Just no.
I am not scared . I am taking up architecture out of pure passion for it .

“Is it like embroidery work?”
Where did that idea even pop into your head ? I aspire to be an architect !!! BUILDINGS PEOPLE!!

There are a lot more of these stupid questions .
Comment down below what people asked you and let me know if you want to read more of those .


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