Things to do in summer


Hello everybody!
With every other possibility of a holiday gone , all I’m waiting for is summer .

But it so happens that when it is finally here , I’m still at home watching youtube .

The first thing that strikes everyone’s mind when it’s summer is beach . Not everyone lives near a coast so here are things we could possibly do , during summer this year.


1. Try new ice creams.
I usually sick to classic chocolate ice cream all round the year . But summer is that season when my brain is ready to compromise and try new subtle flavours .
For example – mango , coffee , pistachio and more .

2. Learn to make your own snacks and drinks .
Somehow I get creative with food when it’s summer .
Comment down below if you want some fun recipes for summer . 😉

3. Go for a swim or a dip .
Pretty much what a majority of people do . You could go for a swim , a dip , or just dance around in your shower .



4. Set picnics .
What better than a summer picnic and some Polaroid shots ? You could still use your steady ol’ smartphone . Or keep the tech away and enjoy actual beauty with friends and family .



5. Step out of your house and go for summer night walks  .
Summer nights are cool and if you are lucky enough,  you could go star gazing .


6. Go crazy on mangoes


7. Summer pits .
You know how there are winter bonfires? You could make a summer pit just the same .
All you would need is a tub of some kind and lots of ice . You could do this all by yourself or with friends . Play with the ice , put your hands or feet in and do what pleases your mind.



8. Take a tour down your childhood .
Many kids are free so you could gather them or your cousins and put up a sock puppet show .

                  That is all for now .
          Hope you enjoyed the post .
Comment down below if you want more
                     Till next time


9 thoughts on “Things to do in summer

  1. Hello! Lovely post! My country’s already in summer and i feel like i’m being roasted, i wish i could enjoy this weather but all i can do is think about winter! haha
    of course i’m trying to swim as much as i can because that’s my favourite thing about summer
    thanks for sharing! xx 🙂

    Mate&Bizcochitos Blog

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