Live for others ( or follow your passion ?)



Hello everybody!
Today let’s forget everything around us and talk to ourselves for a bit .

How happy are we ? Are we satisfied ?
That apart , are we doing what we want to do ?

All these days one mistake I did was to live for others . not the charity kind but I moulded myself how others wanted me to be.
I would constantly compare myself to others , and whatever I did was either to prove myself to others or to shut other’s mouths .
For about 12 years (since first grade ) I’ve been like this . I never cared what I wanted to be , what I wanted to do . I did everything just to please others .

But now I’ve realised , it’s not possible . I learnt this the hard way . So I want you to live for yourself .

Is it a career option that’s bugging you ? Just do what you want to . There are always that set of people who will keep mocking you for who you are . But again just because a few drops of ocean are dirty , the entire ocean does not become dirty . There will always be people who will live you and respect your decisions .

It’s OK to feel down . Many a times I’ve felt that I’m not good enough or that I’m not trying my best   . But I have .
I’m done with it .
Shut all words out . You k ow what you want to be . So be that .
When you follow your passion , money and respect will follow you .
It’s not just about the career . It may be absolutely anything .
            This was just an example .
         But I hope this post helped you
                      Till next time


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