Café coffee day mysore

Hello everybody!
Well , quite recently a new café opened on the double road in mysore . And of course I just had to try it .
Again while I was out with work I had to do an little thinking in what to do next . So what better place than a cafe ? I mean a lot can happen over a coffee .
( see what I did there ? ) 😉





I just have to say , I’m impressed .
Usually café coffee day in other places don’t do a very good job (around mysore ) . But this is very different.

Food and drink – 5 .
Yes . Can you believe it ? It was so good . I got myself a hot gourmet cocoa and oh my god ! I’m going to be ordering that all the time .

Ambience -5
The perfect interiors and furniture are just the cherry in top . The lighting , the ventilation , everything is just perfect .

Service – 4.5
They were a little late in serving bit not too late . I received my order after about waiting for quite sometime .

Affordability – 4
It is the standard café coffee day price .
At times they are not worth it . But this , hands down is worth all my money .

I wouldn’t know what else to say but that I enjoyed myself thoroughly . It’s calm and the music is low,  so you don’t tear apart your ear drums .
            Hope you enjoyed the post
                   Till next time 🙂


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