Chaaii junction for a sip

Hello everybody!
It is another review of a cafe .
Around This time of the year , I tend to go to cafés a lot somehow . Basically because I’m running  around attending coaching classes and looking for the best colleges . And that means I get hungry and thirsty a lot .

It’s hard to find a good café with affordable items on the menu .






Placed in the hub of vontikoppal , Mysore it is a little after vidyashram.

It is a kind of place which will definitely not let your wallet feeling light and airy . In fact , it could as well leave you feeling satisfied and your thirst  quenched .
I would rate the following as so –

Food and drink – 4
I wouldn’t say it is extremely mouth watering or delicious , but it does have a very good taste .

Ambience – 3.5
One part of the cafe is lit well with natural light and is perfect . The tables , the couches are of very fine quality and are comfy . But the green lighting on the other side isn’t very pleasing .

Service – 5
It is self service but the reason I gave it 5 was because, they were very quick in filling up on orders.

Affordability – 5
It is indeed very affordable . I ended up spending only 150 rupees from the three of us .

And there you have it . I’d say it’s a pretty cool place to chill out and quench your thirst and have a bit of a snack .

        Hope you enjoyed the post .
                   Till  next time .


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