How to be a girly girl

Hello everybody!
First of all , this post has nothing to do with me judging people or other girls for being the way they are .
I was a tomboy till a couple of years ago and now I’m one of the most girly girl .
Often my friends and relatives are surprised as to how I turned over a new leaf and many come up to me asking how I did it or what happened and things like that .

First of all being tomboy isn’t something to be ashamed of and most importantly it is not a defect . You are who you are  so appreciate it . But if you genuinely want to be girly and experience that side of life then I appreciate it .

The first step to being girly is definitely not makeup . It’s just how you present yourself .
The same old clothes that you have can work perfectly fine .
You can use that oversized t-shirt and pass for being girly if you use the right accessories .
But if you want to have a new wardrobe /look then start deciding what kind of theme or colour palette you want it to be .







You could go for a cooler or brighter palette or just get things that appeal to you and work it just fine.
Invest in accesories . They transform any piece of clothing from being gah to gorgeous .

The first step all done the next thing is to behave girly . Not snobby or mean or foolish . Just have the right etiquette . Things that you might need to follow whilst wearing skits and dresses. 
It’s very simple –
♡Be gentle
♡Cross your legs when you sit
♡Have neatly manicured hands and pedicured feet.
♡see that you do not look dishevelled
♡watch your language

These are very basic .

The next is to take care of your skin and not just your face .
Give importance to skin care and try to detox often .

An important step is to feel inspired and know what you are doing .




Putting up things that inspire you around you in your bedroom or any place that you are sure to spend most of your time at , can help a great deal .
It instantly makes you feel a lot happier and inspired and then again you’ll never run out of ideas or give up of boredom .

Try these tips and let me know if they worked . I shall include more tips on being girly if you like this and is worthwhile .

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                         Love y’all
                      Till next time


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