Biotique hydrating cleanser


Hello everybody!
I’m back with a new post . This time about the biotique botanicals hydrating cleanser   .

Now if you don’t know what a cleanser does , it’s in the name . It cleanses yiur skin and pores thoroughly of all dirt and gunk .
You could use it to remove makeup or before washing yiur face when you’ve been out and about .
I use this once I’m back from school because let’s face it . Chemicals in the lab , the chalk dust and all the other gunk aren’t the best for your skin .

I know what you are thinking right now (if you’re new to all this )” why not just wash you face ? “. You could do that but the dust can sometimes seep into pores and cause breakouts , spots etc etc . In short bad skin . Cleanser in the other hand can even take care of that tan .

Now talking about the actual product I did not just buy it start writing a post . I’ve been through multiple cleansers from nivea,  oriflame and some other brands both from high street and drugstore . But somehow this cleanser is a lot more effective .


I have the bio berberry cleanser . There are other scents and extracts you can choose from . This is the first thing that I love about biotique ..its very natural and yet you have options to chose from .
The other options are
Bio papaya .
Bio seaweed.
Bio morning nectar .
Bio dandelion .

I chose berberry because it has more healing actions than the rest .
For example morning nectar is more moisturising , dandelion is a skin vitalizer.
This cleanser however is also blended with red sandalwood , fenugreek and almond oil to dissolve makeup and grime .
It does leave the skin soft and feeling fresh .

I have more sensitive skin and it can get affected too soon and has quick reactions to almost everything .But I find this cleanser extremely good .
It manages to take all gunk off my face and it feels super fresh yet equally hydrated like I don’t even have to wash or moisturise . But I do it anyway . .

It’s easy to use . Just squeeze a bit of cleanser onto a cotton pad or a washcloth and wipe over face and neck very gently .

Ever since I’ve started to use this which was I guess a few week ago , I’ve had zero breakouts , my spots are fading away and my skin does not feel as dry as it used to be . Somehow the other face masks that I use work better after I use this cleanser   .
So a big yes to the product . Try it out and let me know what you think or you can comment your favorite and tell why so .

                      Till next time .


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