How to feel better when sick

Hello everybody!
Well I am down with cold and fever and yet am attending exams and yes I feel the need to sleep but I get on quite well .

So I thought why not share  with the world some easy tips to feel better when sick (apart from medication ) .

First of all , stay clean .
As much as the thought  of shower sends goosebumps all over , believe me . Nothing will soothe you like a hot shower . You could also make a bath if you like or have a steaming hot little tub of water with eucalyptus oil or karvol plus in the shower and this is sure to soothe your sinus and clear the respiratory track .


Next important tip is to stay moisturised .
When you are sick , your skin feels dry , and sore and chapped lips are such a torture . It only takes 3 minutes . Have a moisturiser or a cold cream for skin and a petroleum jelly for your lips at your side at all times . You could also use tiny amount of oil or bio oil if you like .

Stay hydrated . I know drinking water is a big chore (it’s not ) . Have a nice bottle of sparkling water and drink it from time to time .
If you can get yourself to drink coconut water that’s way better . Coconut water is god made . You don’t actually need other electrolytes or energy drinks when you have coconut water at hand .

Some people buy packaged ones but it is better if you can get your hands on fresh coconuts .

Avoid dairy products. 

Try and eat light and soft food rather than binging .

The next thing is to make your room clean and cozy


When you are sick , you and everything  around you becomes dirty . You don’t want the goo and tissues all around you . Wear nice and soft pjs,  clean the room and your bed yourself or get some help but keep it clean . Light some candles , you could turn on dim lights or fairy lights . But that’s up to you . Everyone has their own definition of cozy .

Snuggle up in bed with some herbal tea and enjoy . Being sick is fun 😉 . (No it’s not ) .

Don’t stare at the screen for long . That is definitely not a distraction . Get some good amount of rest . Sleep .
    If you have trouble sleeping you could listen to asmr or classical or instrumental . Or just shut your eyes and go to bed .

           Hope this helps you out .
                         Till later .


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