Sprinkle of glitter diary 2016




Hello everybody!
I’m back with another post . This is more of a review cum my views in the new diary Louise pentland has come up with .
So let’s go through it step by step .
First of all it is a diary but you can as well customize it to be yiur planner or organiser or a simple diary . Using it as a personal diary can be a bit of a task because of the limited space to write in but it serves great as a daily planner .

There are a few interactive pages and need I speak about the quality ? Whenever you buy stationary one of the mist important things is the quality of the paper .
This diary has the best pages and it’s smooth and even which is very important as well .
The page where you fill in personal information is the most unique and different from other diaries I’ve used so far and that makes me love this diary more 🙂 .

Then again let’s be honest . We all judge books by their covers and Louise has done a wonderful job on the cover . It’s not too loud or too plain .
It’s subtle yet very girly and if you intend on putting it on a shelf or your bedside it is sure to add a touch and give a look .
How would you say it ? Very tumblry 😉
I will do an updated review because I have only filled in over a month and I have found it very handy .
This diary /planner of course is very handy and light . Yu can put it in your backpack or a handbag of standard size and it still wouldn’t take up much space .
If yu were to place sheets inside I’m very sure it wouldn’t fall off and get lost in black holes because of the pink elastic closure which keeps them safe .

This is my review so far . If you like it , share . And comment down below what you think of it . Toodles


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