Get Rid Of Acne Overnight

Hello everybody!

Pimples and acne are the most annoying thing ever. They also mean you have to spend ages in the morning doing make-up only to hide those hideous scars and spots.

So let me make life easier for you by listing out some tried and effective methods to get rid of them overnight.

  • Toothpaste

As surprising as it may sound , your regular toothpaste (not gel) can help shrink the size of pimples and zits overnight.

  • Ice

Yes. Just reach out to the refrigerator for once  not to eat but to get beautiful skin. Holding ice over the pimple reduces its size right then . It might take good 5-10 minutes of patience . But worth it.

  • Turmeric

download-20.jpg.jpeg  Make a paste of turmeric and place it over spots or affected areas. You can use either milk or water to make the paste.

  • Nutmeg and sandalwood


Make a paste of nutmeg and sandalwood with rose water or plain water and apply over affected areas. You can use either of them by themselves but nutmeg causes slight irritation and so to beat that I’d suggest sandalwood be mixed.

  • Banana rama

This is a mixture of mashed bananas , milk and papaya . This helps clear your skin on regular use

  • Honey mask

Apply honey all over your face and let it sit for good 10-15 minutes before rinsing that off.

  • Aspirin

Crush aspirin and make into paste. Again apply it like little spots over pimples and leave it for as long as you feel comfortable.

  • A paste of basil leaves and neem

It is self explanatory you could mix them with a mud mask or apply them by themselves. You can even buy them off shelves.


I hope this helps you and let me know of the tricks you use to get rid of pimples down in the comments.

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