Away In A Hamlet

The chiming bells , the floral scent , pulsing positive vibes echoed around me .

Some entered with folded hands , some with awe gaping at the Hoisala architecture , but mostly mesmerised by the beauty and divinity that emit from the mother and everything around her .

While I rested casually leaning against a cool column, I saw a figure enter from one of the three entrances placed in cardinal directions . The figure ; a boy , barely ten or twelve years old , his shikha swaying in the ashada wind , draped in shalya ; walked so swiftly swishing the umbrella in his hand probably to dry it of any excess water droplets ; proceeded to prostrate before the goddess .

With one swift turn and before I realized he had completed paying his obeisance around the circum-ambulatory path and with a final bow to the goddess he strode out of the sanctum through the opposite exit.

I watched all that in silence , not aware of my own racing thoughts , enveloped in awe and admiration .

Perhaps a couple minutes passed and then through the same entrance as the boy had entered , like a swarm of bees , students , their attire very much like the boy’s breezed in.

I was still frozen at the same spot and suddenly it occurred to me that , these students , from veda-pathashaala have been the harbingers of an age old legacy , mastering knowledge rooted to our country ; that would probably be lost knowledge if it weren’t for them.


Their place of dwelling and study situated in a secluded place unknown to many , where they practised a disciplined life of a brahmin.

I had come to realise that my wildest dream to be in a place of fantasy , something out of a book had come true .

It is rather astonishing that I could gather words to describe heaven to this extent . For the feeling of peace and tranquillity of Sringeri can hardly be put to words but can only be felt and experienced .


*I understand Sringeri is no longer a hamlet but a thriving town . However , the word hamlet is used only to title the descriptive paragraph *

Tea time thoughts 

Hello everybody !

There are many views and articles out there about demonetisation . Each one has a different story to tell . And ones without views often get confused or do not understand what actually has been going on .

Any step be it big or small invokes and seeks lots of attention and there are always movements in corroboration and those  that are contradictory . 

Parallel to that it always is a trend for different blogs and pages across the internet to come up with memes . Do we ever think about what the minority have to say ? 

How many blogs out there speak the actual  truth ? Show the reality and the true face of what people across the nation have to say ? 
Here is one video from one of the fastest growing channels -sandheel samaradhne . It is a kannada channel and though it often uploads light hearted content , here is a video for you today ..something for everyone to reflect on   .

Nothing over the top , precise and to the point , the video speaks and justifies the measure taken . The video shares two tales just like every penny has two sides to it .

Language will not be a problem since there are subtitles . And I shall hear no arguments saying that subtitles do not feel the same as the authentic dialogue . This video is worth a million views and worth your time .

Do like, subscribe and share 

Till next time 


How To Write A Novel

Now first things first . A novel is not something you will come up with overnight or finish it over a month .

Novel is not just a story but a journey for the author and many many readers .

So make that journey worthwhile .

Some tips on finishing or starting your novel –

  1.  Do not rush it . It might take as long as it could . 

My very first novel took me about 2 years to complete . The ideas don’t form all at once . Even when you have it figured it out ..Most of the times you don’t . You might want to change something later .

2. Keep your writing simple . 

You might want to use fancy vocabulary but for a book or a story to sell and be perceived well , people need to understand it . Don’t complicate things for your audience .
3. Don’t stray from the story .

It might be tempting to add multiple stories of multiple characters just to make your book look fat . But it’s not appreciated unless it’s a huge part of your story .

4. Carry a journal .

You never know when the idea is going to hit you . Maybe something in real life inspired you or you saw something you think can be a part of your story . It’s easy to forget things so jot them down .

5. Take a break .

Don’t be too engrossed in your story could end up having a writer’s block .
6. Contrary to the last tip make sure you don’t take too long a break .you will miss out on the continuation . Keep it a steady process .
For more tips comment down in the section below . Share it if you like it and let me know if this helped .



Architecture is a passion (not a compromise )

Hello everybody!
I’m finally back . I know it’s been an aeon since I blogged anything ..It was because of my exams .
Now that I’m back …its time you knew now is the time where I get to decide my future / career .
I chose architecture .

Now the first thing people asked me was
“Is there any scope for this profession ?” Followed by a piece of advice ” take up computer science if you like engineering that much ”

Okay first of all …no.
I don’t like engineering .
Second , there’s always a scope for passion and excellence in any profession .
Third , know better.

Stupid question start from you joining NATA classes .
“You took PCMB right ? Gave up on medicine already?”
I admit I thought I wanted life in my job and hence wanted to be a doc . But after my internship at a hospital I knew I didn’t want to be a doctor .

“Are you scared you won’t get into engineering ?”
NO!!!! No no no.
Just no.
I am not scared . I am taking up architecture out of pure passion for it .

“Is it like embroidery work?”
Where did that idea even pop into your head ? I aspire to be an architect !!! BUILDINGS PEOPLE!!

There are a lot more of these stupid questions .
Comment down below what people asked you and let me know if you want to read more of those .

21st century


Any time a person needs motivation or comes up with a belief/idea , the only thing he/she gets to hear is -“come on ! You’re in 21st century! ”

So how has this affected our principles , virtues and spiritual belief ?
Many people decide not to speak out loud only because of the fear of getting shunned by the idea of this so called modern and advanced 21st century.

It so happened,  that one of my acquaintances once asked me about the beads I constantly wore around my neck . On explaining to them about its spiritual and medical significance , all they said was – “you believe in all that ? Come on ! You’re a 21st century girl !”

So what ? If being modern means I have to give up my beliefs , spirituality , practices and peace of mind , I’d rather be conservative .

We expect the youth of 21st century to be broad minded .
Broad mindedness does not mean to forget or make fun of our roots , or other’s beliefs  . It is in fact quite the opposite .
Your attire does not make you modern .
You become modern by your thoughts and how you accept other’s thoughts .

Broad mindedness is when you accept that each person is a slave to their own belief and if not completely , at least try to respect that .
No one can force upon the other , a general idea . Not even parents .
You will understand these words if you have ever come across Kahlil Gibran’s poem “On children ” .

For example , my acquaintance believed , or I should rather say did not have the same beliefs as me and neither do many others like me nor me like them .
I cannot force them to think like me or share similar thoughts .

How is it completely okay to differentiate and discriminate people on the basis of caste , creed , religion , race and still call ourselves the modern youth of 21st century ?
And for heavens sake do not say that you haven’t discriminated at all .We all have . So have I .
Often we tend to identify or refer to a certain family or friend by their religion .
Why not identify them by their name , residence or a mutual friend ? Even occupation would do .
But we still tend to have stereotypes .

The beads and my acquaintance was only an example .

People are becoming more judgemental everyday .
Are we modern yet ? Are we fit to be in
The 21st century ”  ?

Things to do in summer


Hello everybody!
With every other possibility of a holiday gone , all I’m waiting for is summer .

But it so happens that when it is finally here , I’m still at home watching youtube .

The first thing that strikes everyone’s mind when it’s summer is beach . Not everyone lives near a coast so here are things we could possibly do , during summer this year.


1. Try new ice creams.
I usually sick to classic chocolate ice cream all round the year . But summer is that season when my brain is ready to compromise and try new subtle flavours .
For example – mango , coffee , pistachio and more .

2. Learn to make your own snacks and drinks .
Somehow I get creative with food when it’s summer .
Comment down below if you want some fun recipes for summer . 😉

3. Go for a swim or a dip .
Pretty much what a majority of people do . You could go for a swim , a dip , or just dance around in your shower .



4. Set picnics .
What better than a summer picnic and some Polaroid shots ? You could still use your steady ol’ smartphone . Or keep the tech away and enjoy actual beauty with friends and family .



5. Step out of your house and go for summer night walks  .
Summer nights are cool and if you are lucky enough,  you could go star gazing .


6. Go crazy on mangoes


7. Summer pits .
You know how there are winter bonfires? You could make a summer pit just the same .
All you would need is a tub of some kind and lots of ice . You could do this all by yourself or with friends . Play with the ice , put your hands or feet in and do what pleases your mind.



8. Take a tour down your childhood .
Many kids are free so you could gather them or your cousins and put up a sock puppet show .

                  That is all for now .
          Hope you enjoyed the post .
Comment down below if you want more
                     Till next time

Live for others ( or follow your passion ?)



Hello everybody!
Today let’s forget everything around us and talk to ourselves for a bit .

How happy are we ? Are we satisfied ?
That apart , are we doing what we want to do ?

All these days one mistake I did was to live for others . not the charity kind but I moulded myself how others wanted me to be.
I would constantly compare myself to others , and whatever I did was either to prove myself to others or to shut other’s mouths .
For about 12 years (since first grade ) I’ve been like this . I never cared what I wanted to be , what I wanted to do . I did everything just to please others .

But now I’ve realised , it’s not possible . I learnt this the hard way . So I want you to live for yourself .

Is it a career option that’s bugging you ? Just do what you want to . There are always that set of people who will keep mocking you for who you are . But again just because a few drops of ocean are dirty , the entire ocean does not become dirty . There will always be people who will live you and respect your decisions .

It’s OK to feel down . Many a times I’ve felt that I’m not good enough or that I’m not trying my best   . But I have .
I’m done with it .
Shut all words out . You k ow what you want to be . So be that .
When you follow your passion , money and respect will follow you .
It’s not just about the career . It may be absolutely anything .
            This was just an example .
         But I hope this post helped you
                      Till next time